With OdysseyQueryExpert, offering to travelers products best suited to their needs...

... will get really easy.

1 Check what your suppliers have to offer.

Enter the basic criteria (destination, duration, departure date and type of travel) [snapshot]
Add other landmark sites, as needed (the more you add, the more appropriate the answers you get).
Choose whether you want to get pictures.
Finally select the supplier and send the request.

2 Browse the results

Getting them takes but a few minutes [snapshot]
Select one.
Assign it to your Client's file [snapshot]

3 Set up the Quotation Expert

Only then do you need to enter the rooming list. The quotation is computed by OdysseyQueryExpert itself. [snapshot]
The quotation will also be based upon other parameters, like:

- The global service level,
- The boarding plan,
- Options for car rentals, buses, trains
- Even at that stage, the departure date can still be modified.

If the product allows for such, it is possible to pick specific services in a list [snapshot]

4 Once you have the detailed quotation

(and your client's agreement) you can proceed to make the reservation request, [snapshot]

5 Finalize the file

Your supplier will be notified, and send you the answer.
Send the confirmation.
Print the file for your client, with all the relevant details (description, map, pictures, quotation) [print pdf document]
[save as html]
Print the received vouchers. [snapshot]