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OdysseyTravelBuilder operating system compatibility ?
    • Microsoft® Windows® 2008, 2012, 8,7, Vista, XP.
How can I establish a connection with a supplier ?
    • For each provider you need an identifier and a password.
Can I work with multiple suppliers ?
    • Yes, you can work with all suppliers equiped with the system and that gave you permission to access.
What information is required in order to request a quotation ?
    • Duration, dates, site IN are mandatory.
      You can precise your request with Sie OUT, Via/Novia, Pictures, transportation...
How long does it take to receive the response to a quotation request ?
    • About 3 minutes.
Is it possible to use for selling another currency than my supplier currency ?
    • Yes you can use any currency (162) after entering the parities.
Does my supplier know the coordinates of my clients ?
    • No, your supplier never knows the coordinates of your clients.
My customer moves his date of departure, do I have to send another quotation request ?
    • No, the quotation is available d+15/d-15. If the new departure date is not included in this period, you need to send another quotation request.
I change the level of the services. Do I need to send a new quotation request ?
    • No, your request downloaded all the available levels.
Can I change the options or replace a service by another ?
    • Yes, the answer to your quotation request includes number of options and services than you can change. You are protected to make an infortunate decision.
Where starts and ends a trip ?
    • The trip starts when the DMC services begin and terminate at the end of the DMC services.. "TO segments" are the segments from the point where is located the client (house) and the begining of the incoming services and from the end of the incoming services to the client address.
Are the long haul managed ?
    • They managed by the system if your supplier provide this type of service. If not you will have to do that manually.
Can a supplier forbid me the access to his products ?
    • Yes.

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