FAQ producer

OdysseyTravelBuilder operating system compatibility ?
    • Microsoft® Windows® 2008, 2012, 8,7, Vista, XP.
Is my production limited to one country ?
    • No, you can produce in your country, in the neigbouring countries and in any other country.
Am I limited in number of clients (distributors) ?
    • No , you can work with all your customers equiped with OdysseyQueryExpert, regardless of the country where they are located.
May I attribute to my customers specfic rates ?
    • Duration, dates, site IN are mandatory.
      Yes, you can apply specific tariffs for each ofyour customers.
Is it possible to manage children's rates ?
    • Yes. you must enter the date of birth.
Is it possible to manage group's rates ?
    • Yes, for each service.
Can I enter rates per pax or per service ?
    • Yes, it depends of the type of service and for some type of service you can use one or the other.
Is it possible to input prices in different currencies ?
    • Yes, you can use a specific currency for each service.
Do I have to publish my products in a single currency ?
    • No, you can publish in the currencies you wish (162).
Can I publish in a specific currency for one client or a group of clients ?
    • Yes, a client can wish to receive the quotations in a specific currency. You can publish for this client in the expected currency.
Are the long haul managed ?
    • Yes. All air segments are managed.
Can I forbid the access to my products to a distributor ?
    • Yes. Permanently or temporarily.