• Your client can reach you anytime.
  • You reply to your client anytime in less than 3 minutes.
  • You have nothing to do with the time difference.
  • You get an innovative added value.
  • You can at last offer genuine tailor made travels in real time.

Does that ring a bell ?

A distributor gets a request for 15 day tour in Peru, from Lima to Cuzco and Titicaca, for 4 pax, leaving around Christmas. They, in turn, forward the request.
Your competitor (who still hasn't got OdysseyTravelBuilder) : does their job as usual, building up an offer matching the end-customer's wishes, and calculating the final price.
You : (already having entered and published your data with OdysseyTravelBuilder) : happily get a notification that your server has processed the request and sent several fully documented replies, along with the quotations.
The distributor is waiting for an answer...
Your competitor : might send it the following day, at the soonest.
You : let your server handle it. It took three minutes at most.
The end-customer wonders whether it would be cheaper eight days earlier...
Your competitor : begs the distributor to kindly wait, digs out their calculator and works the night away, hoping to make up for the jet lag
You : don't even lift a finger
This new offer is just great. So much so that the end-customer might even afford 4* hotels...
Your competitor : ditto.
You : ditto.
In the end...
Your competitor : took eight days building up a solution matching the traveller's needs, at the risk of seeing them lose heart and having to discard the file as fruitless.
You : quickly put on a big smile, since all possible option combinations were already quoted when your server sent the first reply.

You know that responsiveness is an edge over competition.
Odyssey provides you with this responsiveness.